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Wi-Fi Rental

WiFi Rental

A set of rental Wi-Fi device (sample)

Enjoy your journey with a portable Wi-Fi

Rental of mobile portable Wi-Fi, covering all over Japan, is available at the front desk.

  • 500 JPY per day (calculated from 10 am)
  • 360 JPY for envelope if you wish to return it from somewhere in Japan
  • Since we usually hold just one or two devices at the front desk, please advise us if you use it during your stay in advance. Thank you for your cooperation! 🙂
  • Or, you may visit https://www.easygojapan.com/ (in En / 繁體 / 简体 / 日本語) to order rental Wi-Fi, rental SIM* and rental smartphone* before your departure. *Available only at the website.